Dangers and Signs of Calcium Deficiency in Your Body

When we are young our parents force us that we should drink milk to make us healthy and strengthen our bones. As we get our aged older we also need to strengthen our bones especially women.

If our body does not have enough calcium it is dangerous. If these instances happen, our body will release a hormone called PTH and this hormone is responsible for breaking down the level of bone tissue to have balanced calcium levels present in our blood. The longer calcium deficiency you are experiencing the more you are prone to osteoporosis.

Here are some of the symptoms that you have a high calcium deficiency.

  • Difficulty in sleeping: Calcium can help our body to produce sleep hormone called melatonin. If our body has a complete one thing for sure the calcium levels rises. If you a trouble in sleeping you might have a calcium deficiency. 
  • Seizures: Calcium also plays a vital role in muscle health. Also, calcium plays a vital role to have a proper neurotransmitter function. 
  • Humped posture: If our body is a lack of calcium our bones weakened and our posture is affected it can be seen in neck and back. 
  • Memory loss: If you are experiencing memory loss and hallucinations it can be said that you have a calcium deficiency. 
  • Leg cramps: Some individuals with calcium deficiency are experiencing night cramps in the hamstrings, quads, and calves are common symptoms of calcium problem. 

  • Tingling or numbness: If you are experiencing numbness and tingling in your hands and feet you must visit your doctor to save you bones. 
  • Cavities: To have cavities a normal but if you are having it more than the usual, your body is responding that you may have a low calcium. 
  • Peeling nails: Our nails need more calcium to have a healthy nail just like our teeth and bones. It is favorable to you if you will eat more dairy products and green leafy vegetables. Once in a while, you will notice a difference in your nails as well as to your teeth and bones. 
It is not enough to drink a glass of milk if you have a calcium deficiency. It is a must to visit your doctor and get some medication and discuss your treatment as soon as possible. If one of this symptom you already experienced or you are experiencing right now take some action.