Foods and Drinks That You Should Avoid On Empty Stomach To Prevent Health Problems

Sometimes we actually compromise ourselves to eat healthy foods and sometimes we forgot that the food we are eating is not good to consume in empty stomach. It is good to have a fasting but it is not healthy to skip your breakfast especially if you don't have time to eat properly.

We need to take good care our stomach because it can lead to serious health problems or illnesses and sometimes it can destroy your intestine. As you read this article you will know what kind of food is not good to consume on an empty stomach.

Alcohol: Drinking alcohol first thing in the morning is not good. There are people who use alcohol as an ingredient to their dishes. It is not healthy to use alcohol in cooking because your body will have a hard time to convert it to a useful and healthy one.

Sweets: If you consume sweets early in the morning it is not helpful to your overall health. Sweets contain glucose and if your body will absorb it your pancreas might overload and it can produce too much insulin. Do not surprise your organ to function with large quantities.

Short crusts and pastries: The yeast present in food can damage and irritate your stomach lining if this might happen it can lead to an improper production of acid.

Yogurt: It contains microorganisms that are responsible for having a normal flora. If you choose to eat yogurt first thing in the morning there is an instance that your body won't be able to digest and absorb the nutrients from the food you are planning to intake whole day.

Carbonated drinks: It can damage your stomach lining if this might happen your body will be having a hard time to have a good flow of oxygen.

Bananas: Eating bananas early in the morning has a possibility that your body will consume too much magnesium and it can produce too much acid in your stomach.

Pears: This kind of fruit contain a high crude fiber. Having too much fiber can irritate your stomach.

Citrus Fruits: These fruits are rich in acid. If your stomach contains a large amount of acid it is painful sooner or later.

Tomatoes: It contains tannic acid. It will contribute to your stomach to have an acidic environment.