BEWARE! A New Deadly Sexually Transmitted Disease Has Been Discovered - Mycoplasma Genitalium

Mycoplasma Genitalum is a disease that our muscles are influenced by the immune system. It is a rare condition which its side effects are from sexual intercourse.

It is a sexually transmitted disease but there are no further study and investigation about this disease yet. It can get from the components of microbes. It is found in the reproductive organ and urethra. There is a number of people who are infected or carrier of this disease but they are not aware of it.

There are common symptoms of this disease such as excessive bleeding in a vagina, discharge in male organ and a painful testicle as well as genital area, especially when having your sexual intercourse. If these symptoms are taken for granted it can lead to serious infection.

Statistics said that 1% of every population is infected with this disease. Some women who are infected with this disease are experiencing vaginal bleeding, ectopic pregnancy, infertility and painful intercourse. Men experienced too much than women.  Mycoplasma belongs to the group of microscopic substances that are incorporated to seventy species or more than what you expect. However, it is available in humans body but this microorganism will develop any disease or illnesses.

According to some studies, the infection can lead to a serious disease or it can exceed to gonorrhea based on some testimonies and cases. In fact, it is the third topmost sexually transmitted disease among to young ones, teenagers and to those who are in the average age level.

It is important to have an idea to practice or conduct safe sex. Always use protection like condom whenever you need it or when you do casual sex or let say a one night stand. To prevent this kind of infection use any protection to eliminate and to lessen the number of people who have this disease.  Do not forget to use a condom while having sexual intercourse or if you will have sex with your partner.

It is better to be safe than contracted.