Kung kayo ay 30 years old pataas na. Iwasan nyo na ang mga Pagkaing Ito. Bakit? Basahin at alamin nyo dito.

As you reach the age 30 or when you get older you must adjust the food you consume because there are some instances that your body needs to be healthy and to secure a good health.

To add with that when your age gets higher or larger it is hard for you to sacrifice some unhealthy habits. In contradiction to that, this is the right time that you must give up some unhealthy habits to have a better health.

Here are some foods that you must avoid once you turned at the age of 30:
  • Processed Meat: It includes bacon, ham, hot dogs, salami and sausages can contribute of having a sagging skin. Processed meat are packed with nitrates and nitrites that can trigger more stress and it can hinder the formation elastin as well collagen these are proteins that help your skin to be young-looking and radiant.

  • Iced coffee: Coffee contains caffeine that can hinder your sleep. As you get older you must have a correct time of sleep because if you do not have the right number of hours of sleep the more you get look older and more wrinkles will appear. 
  • Sugar-free snacks: Avoid eating foods with artificial sugar it can hinder your liver to function properly and it can contribute to gain weight. 
  • Beer and cocktails: As you get older your metabolism gets slower especially in alcohol. Alcohol can distract your sleep it can lead to a sudden weight gain and premature aging. Alcohol is not good for your skin because it can contribute to dehydrate your skin. It is better if you will consume fresh juices from fresh fruits. 
  • Margarine: Margarine contains hydrogenated oils that can contribute to some heart disease or it can trigger to have a clogged arteries. It can also make your skin look older and faster than the usual skin aging. 
  • Oreo: This cookie contains a large number of both fats and calories. It is okay to consume Oreo when you are young because you have a chance to visit a gym to burn that calorie but as you reach the age of 30 it is hard for you to lose weight.

  • Microwavable Butter Popcorn: Popcorn is a healthy snack since it came from a corn. However, if you add flavoring on that snack the more fats you will obtain from it. As you consume this food you are prone to have arteries problem.
  • Protein or Energy Bars: This food does not contain real proteins that can give you an energy for your whole day activity. Energy bars contain unwanted ingredients and some of them are artificial foods. As you get older it is important to you to consume the right food for your health.