Avoid Consuming Apple Cider Vinegar if you are On Any of These Medications

Apple cider vinegar is also known as ACV for so many years and it has been widely utilized to treat many and different health problems. ACV contains many health benefits but when it is mixed with a specific medication it can have an extremely negative side effects and can result in some serious health problems.

Here are some of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar:
  • This kind of vinegar is commonly used to reduce weight. Apple cider vinegar has the capability to empty stomach and it can make you feel pacify for a long duration that can reduce your appetite and eagerness to eat.
  • ACV contains an influential antifungal and antibacterial components. Also,  it can heal yeast infection and athlete's foot.

  • It also contains acetic acid that can help you to decrease your bad cholesterol level as well as blood pressure, due to this reason it can prevent the risk of having any type of cancer.
  • It is also good and beneficial for diabetic patients. ACV contains anti-glycemic that helps to lessen the digestion of starch. This reason can cause a sudden appreciation in blood sugar levels.
Stop consuming apple cider vinegar if you use this medication:

We all know that ACV can give us many health benefits but If you take ACV together with some of the medications we frequently take it can cause negative side effects that can result to worst effects.

If you are taking one of these medications listed below avoid using apple cider vinegar.

Insulin: This medication is used to balance your blood sugar level. It is also used by diabetic persons. ACV can lower the blood sugar level of your body as well as the insulin. If you are going to take these two medications at the same time it can lower down your sugar level and potassium level excessively that can lead to negative side effects.

Digoxin or Lanoxin: It can treat heart diseases. When you combine ACV with this medication it can hinder the absorption of potassium. It can also change your vision as well as you will experience mood swings, vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness. 

Pregnant women and lactating mom: If you are one of this, avoid consuming ACV it can affect your body as well as the fetus inside your womb. Lactating mom must also avoid ACV because it can affect the newborn babies health condition.

Post-menopausal women: Women who experience post-menopausal stage must also avoid ACV because it can lessen the density of your bones as well as the potassium that can lead to osteoporosis.