An Eye Drop That Can Melt Cataracts Has Finally Been Discovered By A Group of Scientists!

Cataracts are one of the common vision deficiency. Today, many individuals are suffering from this kind of eye problem. Cataract is the clouding of the natural eye lens, which is found in the iris and pupil of your eye.

Cataract can be obtained by abusing your eye and exposing it to too much radiation. This kind of eye deficiency can be prevented if you know how to take good care of your eye. To have this kind of eye deficiency is difficult because you will be having a hard time to see the natural color and you will also have a cloudy environment. It can be treated partially by wearing eyeglasses with a proper prescription of your optometrist but this is not lasting.

According to some research, this eye problem is the most common reason why people lose their vision especially when they reach the age 40 and some worst cases it is the cause of their blindness.

Luckily a group of scientists has found out an eye drop that can melt or dissolve the cataract on your eye. It is called the lanosterol which is an amphipathic molecule that is responsible for nourishing the lens and to have a bright vision as the old one.

Some study also shows that this eye drop can be used as a key molecule to prevent this kind of eye problem or to prevent any eye deficiency. It can also nourish the lens protein to protect your eye from cataract. It is also said that it can treat your cataract by nourishing your eye protein.

If there are more study to be conducted it will surely be proved that this amazing ingredient can treat cataract. As the times goes by, it will be available in the market to prevent cataract and to save you from blindness. It will be an advantage to everyone because it can eliminate the risk of suffering from this eye deficiency.