A Thick Was Found Under the Hair of a Little Girl Feeding Blood, and It Caused Her Paralysis! Read and Watch the Video!

One of the scariest thing that could happen to us is to get paralyzed that makes us unavailable to move our body with a certain period of time. There are many reasons or causes that could lead to paralyzation, but the story of this little girl is different from what we expected.

A little girl has been paralyzed with unknown reasons, both her parents were very concerned when their daughter couldn't stand up. When the situation gets so bad, they immediately rush their daughter to the emergency room.

Both her parents were speechless and don't have any idea what's going on with their daughter. When the diagnosis result was released the doctors says that it was caused by tick paralysis, a toxin released when the tick is feeding.

The doctor's added that the tick was found on the scalp of the child feeding blood, and that is the reason why the child has been paralyzed. Luckily the tick has been removed immediately and the child has fully recovered according to the reports.

Ticks are tiny parasites that survive by feeding on the blood of birds, mammals, and sometimes amphibians or reptiles. The tick has a salivary gland which is injecting to the neurotoxin in the body that can cause paralysis.

According to some experts that if the ticks aren't removed in the human's body it will continuously suck blood and the result can be fatal. This condition is very common which is every people around the globe can be attacked by tick anytime without even noticing because of their small appearance.

According to some reports that the population of ticks is developing to a new era and may cause more tick-borne disease, it is because of the rising temperature.

You can watch the video below.

source: facebook

video source: youtube.com