9 Reasons Why A Woman's Private Part Sometimes Have Unpleasant Smell.

The vagina has its natural scent as well as it has its own natural bacteria that can be more unpleasant because of an overgrowth. Specifically speaking it is called bacterial vaginosis that causes your private part smell fishy.

Take note that not all vaginal odors can be a sign of infections but maybe because you have a poor hygiene or you wear fit underwear. As you read this article you will know what are the reasons behind the bad smell.

Here are the reasons why your private part smells so bad:

  1. Spicy food: The food that you consume can affect the smell of your private part especially spicy food. Spicy food can contribute to a rapid increase of discharge that can create a bad odor.
  2. Sleeping with underwear at night: According to some experts, sleeping without underwear can let your private part breathe freely or the air from your private part pass voluntarily and it can help you to reduce the bad odor.   
  3. Laundry detergents and soap: It is important that the soap you use to wash your underwear is free from perfume or fabric conditioners because it can irritate your private part that can cause a bad smell. Use a separate detergent soap when washing your underwear. 
  4. Pregnancy: A pregnant woman passes her vitamins and minerals to her baby and it can also wash out her pH levels that can create a bad odor. The pH levels keep the women's private part healthy.

  5. S3x: It is important that after you perform a sexual activity with your partner you should wash your private part because if you leave it unwashed it can produce many bacteria that can lead to bad odor.
  6. Excessive washing: Washing your private part is an important thing to do but an extreme washing can destroy the vagina's flora and it can cause an unpleasant smell.
  7. Allergy to condoms: Condoms contains chemicals or material that are hypoallergenic, for this reason, it can wash out the vaginal bacteria and can cause an odor. 
  8. Douching: This practice can destroy the pH levels of your private part and it also contributes in multiplying the growth of bacteria. Since your private part has a good and bad bacteria it can wash out some good bacteria. The bad bacteria causes a strong unpleasant smell. 
  9. Tight clothing: A fitted underwear and pants can cause vaginal sweat and this sweat cause your private part to have a bad odor. 
source: boyhealthy.com