9 Places and Things you Hardly Ever Clean But Required for The Sake of You and Your Family's Health

Some places that you thought that one of cleanest place in your home but it's really dirtier than your toilet seat? What do you miss out cleaning in your home?

What if you discover that the place you are preparing for your food is dirtier than your toilet seat? Disgusting, right? It's hard to believe but it's true.

According to the recent article by pediatrics professor Aaron E. Carroll for New York Times, he said that the average household toilet seat has 0.68 colonies of coliform bacteria per square inch, and the average of kitchen counter has 2.75. This really shows that your kitchen counter is much dirtier than your toilet seat.

Here is some list of several places in your home that you don't clean too much as you should, but are actually dirtier than you thought about your toilet seat.

Remote controls
It's true. Your remote controls are physically nauseating. (dirtier than your toilet seat.)

Anything that you touch always is more prone to loads of bacteria.  There is no exception for money, and many of us know how dirty it is. What you think of less is holding your money - your wallet - is also contaminated with bacteria.

The sponge is the nastiest thing in your kitchen area. Think again that the toilet seat has 0.68 colonies per square inch? A sponge has about 20 million colonies per square inch. Think about that again if you're about to wipe your counter using your sponge.

Cell phone
You hold your phone every day. You bring it everywhere and even in the bathroom, and then you scroll through your Facebook feed while eating some lunch. Obviously, your phone has some serious bacteria on it.

Fridge handle
The first thing you usually touch before preparing food on your dirty kitchen is your fridge handle. The fridge handle has much bacteria as your kitchen counter, but you don't put mind washing your hands afterward.

Computer keyboards
You use your desktop/laptop every day, but when is your last time since you cleaned it?

Light switches
The other most contaminated surface were light switches in a hotel or home.

Bathroom faucet
Obviously, everything in the bathroom has a ton of germs on it except for the toilet seat. The faucet has about 15.84 coliform bacteria per square inch, the toilet has 0.68.

Toilet handle
The handle has an average 34.65 coliform bacteria per square inch. Some of us still clean it when they are wiping off the toilet if you are about to skip it, do not.

source: familyshare.com