9 Different Types of Hugs and its Meaning

Hugs from your loved ones will surely complete your day. You will always feel that there is someone for you to lean on in times of troubles and loneliness. it will always reminisce you that there is someone or somebody for you that will always make you happy and support you on the things that you want to do.

Hugs will make you feel comfortable towards other and gives you security, in a way that they will not be afraid to hurt you and lose you. A hug always makes feel you that the person you love is afraid of losing you and they will never let you go.

A hug means a lot. It can be determined by how tight and tender the hug is. It means a lot of expression and emotion. As you read this you are able to identify its meaning.

  • Not so close hug: If someone is trying to put a distance while hugging you, it only means that there is no affection or intimacy. It can be said that it is just like a casual hug.
  • Patting one's back while hugging: It is different from rubbing one's back, this kind of gesture means that they are proud of you and telling you that you should continue your good deeds.
  • Rubbing one's back while hugging: It simply means that no matter what happen someone is on you back. It also means that someone will never leave you and they are always there to support you from your ups and down 
  • Shoulder to shoulder hugging: It means that you have a strong relationship towards your friend. 
  • Holding each other's body and one leg on both side: It simply shows that someone has an extreme desire and lustfulness.
  • Arms wrapping around waist: This kind of hug means that security and protection.
  • Inserting hands inside pockets: Some said that this practice is impolite when you do this in public. This gesture means that someone is comfortable and both of you are close to each other. 

  • Take it slow hug: This hug is intimate one because it means that you are connected to each other. 
  • Tight hug that makes you feel you do not want to leave: It only means that if you and your partner do this you have a genuine love to each other. 
  • An eye to eye embrace: An eye to eye contact means that you are connected to each other and doing this while hugging makes you more deeply in love with your partner.