9 Signs Of Liver Damaged That Might Lead To Liver Failure

The liver plays a vital role in the human body and it is the largest internal organ. It is responsible for producing protein and clotting our blood as well as metabolizing sugar and cholesterol.

Unhealthy practices are risky to our liver, you might have some liver problems and liver diseases. Some unhealthy practices are; abusing our body to alcohol, smoking and extreme consumption of medicines. 

Here are some symptoms if you are having liver disease:

  • Swelling: One of the common symptoms of liver damage is fluid retention and visibly swollen in the abdomen, ankles, and legs. 
  • Confusion: One of the signs that you are having a liver disease is confusion and sometimes it includes trouble of concentrating and poor judgment.
  • Fatigue and weakness: Tiredness is the most known symptom of liver disease. It can be both in physical and mental concerns. If you are experiencing one of this visit immediately your doctor and discuss your issues regarding your liver. 
  • Unusual coloring in your stool or urine: It is important to observe your wastes. If you are having bloody or tar-colored, pale stools and dark urine compared to your usual waste there is a possibility that you are having liver issues. 
  • Skin discoloration: If there is a sudden change in your skin like having dark patches on your skin usually in the neck or underarms.

  • Yellowing skin and eyes: According to some study, there is an effect both to your skin and eyes if you have jaundice. This disease is caused because your liver is no longer productive to process the yellowish waste, bilirubin.
  • Itchiness: It is said that it is caused by the chemical present in your bile that builds up the blood stream. This instances may happen if your liver doesn't work properly.
  • Bruising: Our liver is responsible for producing a protein that helps our blood lot since our this reproduction is being hindered if an individual has a liver deficiency, the more they are prone to extreme bleeding and bruises. 
  • Abdominal pain: If you have a frequent aching in your upper right-hand side of your abdomen, where our liver placed and located, it may cause a liver problem or inflammation.
If an individual discovers his or her liver problem earlier one thing for sure it can be treated faster and easier. If you are experiencing at least of this or more you must visit your doctor to discuss your treatment and medication. To avoid these illnesses you must quit your unhealthy lifestyle and choose to be healthy and free from any diseases.