8 Signs And Symptoms That You Are Likely To Have Silent Stroke ~ Prevent Stroke By Reading This!

Stoke may occur to anyone not only with old people. It may happen depending on what lifestyle you have, even at a young age you may also occur stroke but it is more common to those who are old.

Everyone must be alert and aware of the signs and symptoms of stroke even you observe a healthy lifestyle because stroke can occur anytime without giving obvious signs. Hence, there are a few signs that have been listed indicating that you may go through a silent stroke anytime of the day.

7 signs that we should not take for granted to prevent silent stroke:

1. Your limbs get weaker than its usual strength. If you are experiencing weakening of your limbs as well as both of your hands and feet it can be considered as a strong sign of stroke or worst it can lead to paralysis or a sudden tumble of the body. In worst cases, it is usually accompanied with brain numbness and can lead to stroke.

2. Experiencing numbness and pain on the other half your face. This instance is a strong sign of a stroke because you are experiencing pain in some areas of the face as well as you feel numb like you feel nothing even you slap so hard and pinch it so hard you will feel nothing. You must take action on this since it is a dangerous sign.

3. You feel very tired or exhausted or fatigued even you are doing nothing. According to some studies and observations to the stroke patients, they experience this instances, most of them are women who feel a sudden tiredness, confusion unawares and fatigue. Definitely, it is a clear sign of stroke.

4. Hiccups. Hiccups can happen to every individual but some hiccups can indicate a stroke. It is because the respiratory mid-center of the brain are affected. These situations are very common to women.

5. Having a difficulty in breathing and lack of air in your body. If someone is complaining about they are having a hard time to breath, it may be a sign of stroke. The lack of oxygen to our body can indicate a cardiac arrest.

6. Eyesight problems like blindness or blurring of eye vision. A stroke patient may experience having a hard time to see clearly as well as they also experiencing impaired vision or sight, sometimes both eyes or single eyes only. A person that are having a sudden blindness or blurring of eyesight is clearly a symptom of stroke.

7. Suffering from extreme dizziness and headaches. Experts said that an extreme dizziness and headaches are a powerful symptom of a stroke attack to some individuals. If you are 45 years old below and you experience this you need to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

8. Talking unknown words or phrase and having a hard time to speak. This is a wired symptom of stroke but it is the common sign and if somebody is experiencing this, it is important to visit your doctor as soon as possible.
source: boyhealthy.com