8 Effective and Powerful Ways To Help You Eliminate Dandruff Naturally

Dandruff is not that much a serious health problem. It is a dry flake of your skin that is sometimes seen on your shoulders. It can be obtained by having a dry and itchy scalp. It is not worse health problem but sometimes you will feel embarrassed about that.

There are some natural ways to treat that problem just only in a simple way and in your home:

1. Aloe vera: According to some research aloe vera can lessen the itchy and scaly skin due to dandruff. Just apply moderately the aloe vera on your scalp by applying the gel directly to your scalp just simply cut the leaf.

2. Coconut oil: Coconut oil contains anti-fungal ingredients that help to moisturize your scalp and to rehydrate it. It can also help to lessen the itchiness and dryness of your scalp. Simply massage a small amount of oil into your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes and wash it carefully with tour natural shampoo. Use this home remedy regularly to see the result. 

3. Tea tree oil: Apply it directly to your scalp especially in affected area. If you feel uncomfortable stop using it as soon as possible.  

4. Vinegar: Rinse your scalp with vinegar or apple cider vinegar and water it can help your scalp to have the perfect pH balance and to eliminate of having dandruff. 

5. Baking soda: Wet your hair and rub a correct amount of baking soda into your scalp at least three to five times a week. It can clean your hair and scalp from bacteria and fungus that can cause dandruff.

6. Olive Oil: Olive oil cannot cure dandruff but it can soothe the scalp and can remove white flakes, Just simply apply and brush your hair for an hour. It also leaves an oily and shiny hair. 

7. Avoid being stress too much: Anxiety and Depression can cause to have dandruff. Engage yourselves in a relaxing activity and do what you love. It can help to lessen your dandruff.

8. Massage your Scalp: Massage your scalp every shampoo, press down your fingertips to your scalp. Massaging your scalp helps to relax it and will promote a good circulation and can function well.