5 Things Women Must Know About Their Periods That Won't Learn in School

It is important to have a good hygiene when you have your period or even without it women must know how proper hygiene is. Menstruation is a normal cycle to all girls that is why there is no reason you will be disgust about this topic. This cycle is painful sometimes some woman experiences menstrual cramps, headaches, and bloating.

As you get older the more complicated menstrual cycle you will have. You will also realize that there is some cool and interesting stuff about this cycle.
  • Sex on your period is amazing: To have sex during the period is awesome with the help of orgasm because it can help to ease the muscle cramps, back pain and any other discomfort on your body. It can also help the flow your blood easier. It's a little bit awkward but you will feel amazed how it works. Do not worry if you are concerned about to bleed everywhere just lay a towel and let it be and wash after you cuddle each other. 
  • Not all tampons or napkin made equal: Have you ever experienced irritation of your vagina because of your pad or tampon? Remember that not all tampons and pads are created equal some of them contain a high number of chemicals which can irritate your intimate part and sometimes you feel itchy. Your vagina does not deserve this your private part deserve more than that. 

  • You feel frisky: Due to a high level of progesterone hormones that are active during your period, you will feel playful.
  • Your periods can be synched with your sister: For instance, you have a sister and it is just funny because of the coincidence that you ask for a napkin to your mom at the same time. The next day your mom will own your periods. 
  • You will have an indulging craving the week before your red days: Your body burns extra calories before your period that is why you have an urge to eat something. Some lady craves for chocolate, in fact, chocolate contains magnesium in which you lose your estrogen.
source: sherights.com