4 Common Bad Habits That We Usually Do That Are Killing Our Brain Cells

Many experts said that the supply of brain cells are limited but in contrary with that majority of our brain cells grow early in life. Some parts of the brain cells also grow during adulthood and as times goes by this process called neurogenesis

One of the essential parts of the brain is the hippocampus it has a major role like emotion memory and learning. However, as times passed, many factors compete with neurogenesis that later on, it can kill brain cells.

Actually, it is not about drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and weeds that cause the brain cells to die but instead the real reason behind it is the habit that you are doing. Here are some of them.


The common mistaken belief that alcohol has the power to kill brain cells came from the fact that it boosts the entire body process. One example of these process is the "breaking the seal" it is the moment when you're in the bathroom after consuming a few bottle of beer.

When you're drinking more, the alcohol trigger the hormone called vasopressin it is a hormone that is responsible for keeping the water level balance in your body.

This instance can make your body disable to keep or hold the urine and it can lead to dehydration eventually, as well as it is also the main reason why you have a hangover. It is important that you must drink a lot of water while drinking vodka or alcoholic drink.


Smoking can also damage brain cells since a cigarette contains a lot of toxins that can surely affect the brain cells.

A study in India was conducted and revealed that there is a component in cigarette named NNK that has a negative impact on the white blood cells in your brain that can kill instantly kill the healthy cells. Try to stop smoking permanently, I'm sure it will give a high positive impact on your brain and entire body.

Losing Sleep

If you reached REM sleep it is a good thing because it is a very important process of the brain while in the sleep state. If you are sleeping the brain works hard and gives its best to keep you asleep that is why your body is at rest or it causes paralysis when you are dreaming and it keeps your brain active.

Due to this reason, some people who still continue losing their sleep are having a hard time to focus making the decision and involving themselves in many social circumstances and learning.


Stress can lead to irritability and can kill your energy. Stress is the reason why your hormone multiplies that lead to cortisol which is released by the adrenal gland. It can also affect your metabolism and can hinder your heart rate. 

We common encounter stress that sometimes we already make it as a habit. Try to avoid things that can lead to stress. Remember that stress is one of the roots of many disease and illnesses.