13 Unexpected Uses of Vicks Vaporub That Many of Us Didn't Know

Vicks VaporRub is one of the popular cold remedies that can medicate vapors. Camphor, eucalyptus, and menthol are the main ingredients that can help to relieve nasal problem and cough. As you finished reading this article you will realize that these are not the only advantage of Vicks. This article will share some benefits of Vicks VaporRub.

Help get rid out of your belly 

Prepare and mix one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, one tablespoon of grind tablet camphor and half a medium jar of Vicks VaporRub in a small container until you get a sticky paste. Apply this mixture to your belly before doing your daily routine exercise and wrap a plastic wrapper on it. After doing your activity peel off the plastic wrapper and wash your belly with plenty of water. The effect of this mixture is more likely to those expensive slimming creams. Repeat this routine two to three times in a week to have a better result.

It can Relieves Headaches

The menthol is one of the main ingredients if Vicks VaporRub can help to lessen the blood pressure in your head. It leaves relaxing and cold sensation in your head. Just apply a little Vicks on your forehead and take some rest.

Relieves muscle and back pain

Massage some Vicks on the affected area until the pain eases. It leaves a relaxing and cold feeling on your skin and you should take some rest. Before applying Vicks VaporRub, try to apply this on your skin before using to see if there is an allergic reaction for example redness or burning or any other unusual reaction, do not try to use it again. This product is not advisable for children especially two years old and below. 

Works as an insect repellent

Put Vicks where the insect bites you. It is good insect repellent because it reduces the itchiness and it reduces the risk that it may have an infection. 

Reduces stretch marks

Rub Vicks VaporRub on your stretch marks and after a couple of weeks, you see the visible result. The stretch marks become less visible. 

Brings noticeable results on your face

Apply a small amount of Vicks on your face for example acne or pimples and leave it overnight. The next day wash your face with clean water and repeat this routine to see positive results soon. 

Treat fungus in your toenail

Apply Vicks to the affected nail before going to sleep and cover it with your socks. As you wake up, wash it with a clean water and repeat it until your nails are fully recovered.

Take good care of your feet

At night, apply a Vicks on your feet and cover it with socks. It can cure cracked and dry feet. The next day wash it with cold water and scrub your feet to wash away all dead skin. Repeat this routine to have better results.  

Help get rid of bruises

Rub an even amount of Vicks on your bruise and you will see its healing process. It helps to reduce the swelling and the bruise will be diminished as soon as you do it regularly. 

Relieves earache

In a clean cotton put a small amount of Vicks VaporRub to apply it on your ear and leave it there for an hour until you visit your doctor. It only lessens the pain but it does not cure any infection on your ear and it is important to visit your doctor. 

Prevent pet incidents

According to some experts, cats, and a dog cannot stand the odor of Vicks that is why they find a place where they are comfortable to pee or to take some rest. Leave Vicks in your house where your pet usually go or these incidents happen.

Stops your cat ruining your furniture

Cats love to scratch some smooth and soft things in your home. Leave some Vicks on that area and your cat will stop ruining your stuff.

Prevent the lips from getting dry

Vicks is great for dry lips. If you are having dry lips frequently, just rub some Vicks on your lips before bedtime, from there you will feel some intense feeling. In the morning you will feel a soft lip and your lips were not dry anymore. 

source: brightside.me