Mga Sekretong Ginagawa ng mga Lalake kapag Walang Nakatingin sa Kanila o Hindi mo Sila Kasama. Basahin dito.

Your boyfriends sometimes usually do some funny and naughty things when you are not around. You might know everything about him but not the weirdest and deep dark fantasies that they keep private because of the reason that they don't want to lose your respect for him.

Even your in a relationship it doesn't mean that you should reveal all your hidden secrets with each other. Respecting each other's privacy is the most important thing in a relationship to keep it healthy.

Boys will always be boys, there are things that a boy do without telling her girl. Today we would like to apologize with all the boys out there because we will reveal a few things that you secretly do if you are alone, don't worry your girl will surely love this.

Here are the things that your man secretly do if they are alone.
  1. They checked online to see if their lengths are acceptable.
  2. They fart secretly in public places.
  3. They checked and look their poop as soon as they are finished.
  4. Believe it or not, they also watch romantic movies alone.
  5. Searching for new K-Drama movies or series to watch.
  6. Review and delete search history.
  7. Scratching their balls since nobody is around. 
  8. After going to the bathroom, they do not wash their hands pretending that their hands did not touch anything.

  9. It sounds eww but they wear jeans which already used for a week.
  10. They flash mid pee and try to have a race to the toilet.
  11. They don't take a shower for days if they don't have anywhere to go or if they don't leave the house.
  12. They fantasized their female friends. Believe it or not, they usually do this.
  13. Imagining about freezing time and they also think naughty things towards other people.
No men are perfect in this world, so if ever you caught your man doing these things, they still deserve to be respected because these things are just normal for a man to do, since you had things that secretly do also that you don't reveal with your partner.