10 Surprising Uses of Coconut Oil for your Personal Hygiene! Try it!

Coconut oil came from extracting the fat from coconut flesh. It is said that coconut oil has many uses for personal hygiene no wonder that some product uses it as one of their components. Some professionals suggested that instead of using butter and highly processed vegetables oil you can use coconut oil when cooking to help you take good care of your heart.

It can also help you to lose weight. Coconut oil has a great smell and tastes it is also cheaper when you buy it in bulk.

There are many simple ways to combine coconut oil with your beauty and health regimens. It is anti-bacterial, anti -inflammatory and anti fungal as well as it is a good moisturizer for your skin. Coconut oil can be your alternative beauty product than buying expensive cosmetics. It can save your money and time. To add with that, it is all natural and safe.

1. Face Balm: Coconut oil can be your alternative moisturizer. According to Livestrong, it can absorb quicker than any other products plus it contains antioxidant and Vitamin E which it helps your skin to be healthy. Use it after removing your makeup and you can leave it overnight to tighten your skin and reduces the opening of your pores.

2.  Lip balm: It helps to moisturize your lips. Use coconut oil to moisturize your lips than using expensive cosmetics. It contains natural ingredients like SPF that can protect your lips from the heat of the sun.

3. Nail Conditioner: It helps to soften your nails and push them back. Just dab your nails in the coconut oil and massage it into your nail beds. It can protect your nails that keep them healthy and strong. 

4. Makeup remover: Put some oil into a clean cotton and rub it to your face carefully before washing it with water. It helps to remove waterproof makeup and it will moisturize your skin. 

5. DIY deodorant: There is a lot of deodorants that are out in the market that contains harmful ingredients that can harm your underarm. Coconut oil contains antibacterial and antifungal that can kill fungi and bacteria that can cause body odor. Rub a small amount of oil into your underarm. It can also moisturize your armpit. 

6. Hair Treatment: Coconut oil contains fatty acids that help to nourish your hair. Put some coconut oil in your hair and massage it through your roots to the ends and try to leave it overnight to have better results. After that rinse it with your shampoo. 

7. Smoother Shaving: Apply it in any part of your body where you will shave. It can help to lessen the irritation and dryness of your skin. It can also be used in your intimate part when shaving. 

8. Anti-dandruff: Coconut oil helps to nourish your scalp and to avoid its dryness. Put a small amount of coconut oil into your scalp and massage it thoroughly. It can reduce itching and flaking that causes dandruff.  

9. To keep your mouth healthy: It helps to nourish your mouth. It can lessen your plaque and microorganism that can cause bad breath.

10 Home Massage oil: It can be used to massage your skin and to treat stretch marks. It can also relieve muscle pain. It is also safe to use it in your private part.