10 Serious Signs of Poor Eyesight - Must Read!

As we get older our eyes are having poor vision but some young individuals are experiencing eye problem. This cases can be treated with contact lenses, eyeglasses or LASIK eye surgery. Experts said that it is important to have an eye check up or eye test once in a year in order to check if your eye functions properly or if you have any eye deficiency.

There are some eye issues and symptoms that we should not take it for granted. We should not ignore this matter because it can lead to a serious vision problem and another eye disease.

Here are some signs of having a normal change in your eye vision and warning symptoms of serious eye problem:

Normal vision issues.

  1. Taking longer to adjust to light change: Have you experienced a sudden change of color of light from outside to your room. It is normal to take a time to rest your eye and adjust it to able to see in a dim light but if the span is longer than the usual time meaning to say you need to have an eye check up.
  2. Decreased ability to focus at close range: If you are having a hard time reading and writing without changing the angle or reading it closer to your eye then it only means that there is a problem with your vision. In terms of writing, your penmanship gets messier and having a trouble to keep within the lines.
  3. Increased sensitivity to glare: Our eyes are sensitive in terms of having a too much exposure to sunlight or any shiny materials but if there is an increase in your sensitivity to glare there is something wrong with your eyes. There is an extreme achy eye or trouble seeing when there is a bright light in your environment. 
  4. Requiring more light to see clearly: It is hard to read or write in a dark place or even moving from one place to another place. If you experienced this but it is worse than the usual or it requires more light and sometimes you have a trouble moving in a dark place. Some cases you also lost your balance when reaching the ground.
  5. The difficulty with depth perception: It can affect your eye and hand coordination in terms of reaching some things below you normal state.  There are also cases that you have a problem pouring a liquid into a glass or container. 

Abnormal vision issues.
  1. Changes in a physical appearance in your eye: There is a sudden change in your eye color as well in your iris and the white areas in the pupil.
  2. Physical symptoms: If you experienced conjunctivitis visit your eye doctor immediately as well as experiencing red or swollen eyes, heavy discharge, itching or burning. 
  3. Severe, sudden eye pain: If you are experiencing eye pain around your eye due exposure to a bright.
  4. Spots and floaters: If you experiences white spots and sometimes shower of spots or floater that obstructed you to have a clear vision visit your eye doctor as soon as possible. 
  5. Obstructed sight: If you experiencing halos around bright light or spider webs and sometimes a curtain coming down in your vision it is an example of obstruction of your eyesight. 
If you are experiencing at least one of this it is a must that you visit your eye doctor as soon as possible. Eyesight and your vision play a vital role in your daily activity. Visit and do some eye tests.