10 Jobs That Will Make You Gain Weight

Sometimes you gain weight because of your unhealthy habits, but did you know that your job can also increase the possibility to gain much weight?

According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive that the profession of a person with a high level of stress gain has a higher percentage of workers putting an extra pounds on their weight.
The study result shows that the below professions have the higher chance of gaining weight based on their daily activities.

Administrative Assistant: This kind of job is linked with many stress and anxiety from day to day basis as well as it has a bad habit of eating in the front of the computer.

Scientist: Their knowledge goes side by side with lack of portability. Scientists are eager to learn new ideas and discover new things that they usually forget to eat healthy food. In NASA, they encourage their employees to perform a daily exercise during working hours to avoid unexpected gain of weight.

Police Officer: To be a police officer is a dangerous and stressful job and one of their stress relievers is to eat and eat everytime they passed by in a convenience store.

Marketing and public relations professional: This type of job has no specific working hours. They have no fixed schedules as well as they have no deadlines to follow but they have some activities to attend. Some activities offer a good food and that is why this kind of job is in the list.

Information technology professional: This kind of job offers a combination of creative and scientific spheres.  I.T. professionals spend too many hours in front of their computer and deal with stress. Usually, they work late and they do not observe proper eating habits.

Travel agent: This kind of job requires customer relation and they try their best to satisfy their clients about their planning and organizing tips. The said activity involves stress and pressure due to some customer's demand as well as they need to achieve their targets.

Attorney: This profession has a stressful and pressure field. Some lawyers are fond of eating while they are on work to deal with their stress.

Social Workers: This kind of job is very alike with travel agents because they spend too much time sitting. Usually, they eat in front of their office desks and they do not have enough time to have some exercise during their working hours.

Teacher: Even some of our teacher doing lecture while standing they still do some administrative duties like grading, preparing for class and checking the attendance while sitting because of this they do not have enough time to do some physical activities.

Designer, Artist, and Architect: The said occupations have flexible hours as well as independent work. This profession depends on inspiration and creativity that is why they do not follow such schedules. The same applies to their meals. Usually, they eat whenever they want and sometimes they eat while working.

source: brightside.me