10 Incredible Uses of rubbing Alcohol that Most People Do Not Know Yet

Rubbing Alcohol is one of the popular cleaning agents that many people usually use especially to disinfect dirty things especially some parts of your body such as your hands, wrist, arms feet and other parts of your body which are prone to dirt and germs.

The ingredients of rubbing alcohol are used to disinfect any surfaces like electronic devices and gadgets. You can commonly see a rubbing alcohol in many public areas such as ticket both in train stations, cashier in a department store, and in a hospital.

The role of alcohol in people's life is remarkably in demand because it is one of the most important tools that we can use against any harmful bacteria that can affect our health and can lead to sickness.

Aside from its super power cleaning ability, Alcohol can also benefit in many different ways that most people didn't know yet. Here are some of the extra helpful benefits of rubbing alcohol that only a few people knows.

It can kill Head Lice: Lice in your head can be irritating and annoying as well as you feel ashamed of this situation. It is hard to control head lice but you can reduce it as soon as you put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub in your scalp. Don't worry because rubbing alcohol is safe to use and can't affect your scalp.

Soothes Mosquito Bites: Put a small amount of alcohol to the infected area to help you ease the irritation due to the mosquitos bite even chigger bites. It can remarkably reduce the itchiness and be swelling as well as it can prevent the possibility to have an infection.

Soothes Muscle Pain: Rubbing alcohol can be an alternative medication if you do not have an ointment because it can ease your muscle pain. It can also improve the circulation of your blood in the affected area and it can decrease the pain and inflammation.

Gets Rid of Ink Stains: It is an effective agent to prevent ink stains from any kinds of fabric and carpets. Rubbing alcohol can break down the stain without any damage to the fabric. In order for you to have a better result apply it as soon as possible.

Glass Cleaner: It can be an effective glass cleaner because of its properties that make it dries faster and it does not leave any marks or stains. In fact,  some window cleaning products use rubbing alcohol as one of their ingredients.

Prevents Swimmer's Ear: Alcohol helps to vaporize quickly and eliminate any liquid substances. It can dry the ear and stop the risk of infection.

Cleans Minor Cuts and Abrasions: It can disinfect the affected area and eradicates the surface bacteria to prevent any bacterial production.

It can Prevent Acne and Pimples: Rubbing alcohol can help you get rid of the dirt on your face it has the ability to unclogs the blocked pores. Apply an alcohol instantly if you see any sign of pimples.

Treat Toenail Fungus: Since rubbing alcohol contains antiseptic properties it can help you to fight and get rid of the fungus on your toenails.

Addresses Poison Ivy: Use a bottle of rubbing alcohol to disinfect the affected area.

image source: wikihow.com