9 Dangerous Side Effects Of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Many people do not have the sufficient numbers of sleep that require of the human body to perform well.

Many of them are working overtime to fulfill the needs of their family, while other people have an insufficient sleep because of their unhealthy habits such as spending more time on their gadgets and laptops, watching television till midnight, and other have sleeping disorder problems.

4 to 6 hours of sleep is insufficient and can lead to various health concerns. It can also affect the performance of your body and mind if this kind of sleeping habits continue.

Here are some of the adverse side effects that you should know.

It can make you older

Most individuals who have an insufficient sleep can affect their skin. Also, they can experience puffy eyes and sallow skin.  It can also lead to dark circles under your eyes, fine lines and dull skin.

Memory Loss

According to American and French researchers, they amended that your brain has an activity called sharp wave ripples, this action is duly responsible for consolidating memory. The ripples also transmit learned knowledge from your hippocampus to the neocortex, this part of the brain is responsible for storing long-term memories.

It makes you gain weight

Old folks said that if you have a full hour of sleep, your height will increase. Same with our weight, because a lack of sleep can increase our appetite and hunger and it can lead to obesity. A study conducted in 2004 stated that people who sleep less than 6 hours every day have 30% chances to increase in obesity compared to the individuals who have enough sleep.


Drowsiness is the same as driving drunk. According to some studies that lack of sleep can lead to injuries and even accidents on their particular job.

It makes you dumber

If you are aiming to have a higher grade, you must get enough sleep. If you have an enough sleep one thing for sure, your memory will function properly. Enough sleep plays a big part in your learning and thinking activities while a lack of sleep can affect your concentration, attention, reasoning, alertness, and problem-solving, and most of them are a cognitive process.

Health problems

Insufficient hours of sleep can lead to serious health concerns such as stroke, heart failure, heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

Kills sex drive

According to some experts, lack of sleep can lower down your libido and which can reduce your interest in sex.


Symptoms of depression can arise if you do not have enough sleep. A study also shows that people who diagnosed with anxiety and depression have a less than 6 hours of sleep.


Yes, you hear it right, lack of sleep can lead to death because some serious health issues arise. According to some study, the British civil servants who served over a decade experience cut of sleep and it shows that they have a doubled risk of death due to cardiovascular disease.

source: boyhealthy.com