10 Dangerous and Cancerous Beauty Products That We Put In Our Body Everyday!

In a matter of bit seconds, your body can absorb a big amount of the products you apply on your skin daily. The products that you are using contains thousands of ingredients and 515 out of 10 000 are used daily by women. To add with that 90% of them do not have a proper testing for safety purposes and some researchers also found out that it can contribute to some serious diseases and it can bring harm to your body.

As the Cancer Prevention Coalition amended, some cosmetics and personal hygiene products have the high risk to expose your body to various diseases like cancer and it is higher than smoking.

Here are the most dangerous cancer-causing products that you are using on a day to day basis.

Lipsticks: Some lipsticks contains lead and toxic chemicals like polypropylene, petroleum distillates, propylparaben, and formaldehyde. Due to this reasons, it is better to have an alternative like organic lipsticks that are available to some cosmetics stores like Ecco Bella.

Hairsprays: Hairsprays contains harmful toxins to our environment like shellac, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, denatured alcohol, and phthalates. If we frequently inhale it, it can harm our lungs that can lead to lung damage. Choose organic hairsprays like intelligent nutrients and hair balm.

Benzoyl Peroxide: This product are used to treat an acne and oily skin but it can increase the risk of melanoma. This compound has a strong skin tumor prom tin activity. However, you can use less toxic and organic carrot seed or lemon essential oil.

Mascara: If you try smelling your mascara it has a strange smell due to some numerous toxic cancer cells. It contains harmful ingredients such as toxic polymers, petrolatum, fragrance, aluminum parabens, formaldehyde and petroleum distillates. It is important that you should already throw away mascaras that are 6 months older, you can use an organic mascara specifically Nvey Eco Organic Mascara.

Skin lighting creams: These creams can be used to treat hyperpigmentation but it contains an extreme amount of mercury. Aside from its side effects it has, its long-lasting results have never been proved. If you want to have long-lasting effects you can have a diamond peel in your preferred spa.

Deodorants: It contains, petroleum products, parabens, Triclosan and aluminum that are harmful and it can pass thru to the fat cells of your under arms and breasts and eventually it can destroy its internal environment. You can use organic deodorants.

Toothpaste: These products are loaded with sodium lauryl sulfate, colored dyes, propylene glycol, fluorides, and saccharin. The said chemicals can cause neurotoxicity and cancer. To avoid any unwanted effects you can use an organic toothpaste that is free from any harmful chemicals.

Sunscreen: Many women use sunscreen under their makeups especially during summer season. However, this product has negative and harmful effects on our skin because it can trigger the growth of skin tumors. To add with that sunscreen do not protect our skin from cancer and it contains many toxins.

Talcum powder: Its main ingredient is magnesium silicate and usually it can be contaminated with asbestos. According to some studies, this powder can raise the possibility of having ovarian cancer. Instead of using it, you can use Miessence organic body powder as well as you can use these safe combinations: 1/3 cup of rice flour with 7 drops of organic lavender essential oil and 1/4 cup of kuzu root starch.

Moisturizers: Some studies show that frequent application of some moisturizer like Dermabase, Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream, Dermovan can raise the risk of having skin cancer. This product contains mineral oil and it is said that it is connected with various 23 different diseases and some health issues. It is better to use organic moisturizers.

Many of us dreamed of having a good looking face and skin but it is more important to be safe. We can use some organic and free from harmful chemicals to take good care of our skin and body.

source: boyhealthy.com