Our feet is one of the most important parts of our body that plays a vital role in our everyday living. We usually ignore the appearance of our feet not knowing that the shape of it had something to say about our personality.

According to some experts who conduct a research and survey about some people who have a different shape of feet, that the shape of the feet holds clues to the personality of a person.  So they start digging in some important information and the result is written here.

Apparently, the shape and appearance of the feet have many things to say about you demonstrating traits and personality if you are curious about what your feet say about your trait and personality, find yours here.

Here are the four basic types of feet and what does it really determine about our personality:

The Common Foot

This type of foot indicates a person who is outgoing, always ready to go on something new, loves new adventures, always ready to learn new things, very confident, and very sociable. The common foot is also known as the "Roman Foot" this foot also describes someone with a well-proportioned body shape. 

Apparently, this type of foot also distinguished those people who love to travel and discover new people and new cultures. They are the one who loves difficult trails instead of the easy one. So if ever you have this kind of foot, it only indicates that you are a strong person that loves excitement and adventure in your life. 

The Square Foot

You can notice that this type of foot has all the same length of its toe including the big toe making a rectangular shape. Some experts called this type of foot as the "Peasant Foot". Apparently, the owner of this kind of foot likes to think and relentlessly examine every decision they make. They always weighing up the positive and negative result of all the decision that they make meaning that they are usually very practical and reliable.

If you are one of those people who is hard to make an important decision, you can rely upon those who have a square-toed type of foot.

The Stretched Foot

This type of feet has an elongated, tight shape, this foot has toes that are joined together and a big toe that narrows toward the top. This foot belongs to those people who are pretty private and have hidden depths. However, this could also be mean that they are dealing with someone who is quite impulsive and often changes a mood.

The Flame Foot

This type of foot is also known as "Fire Foot" or "Geek Foot", This type of foot has it second toe the tallest among the rest of the other. This foot indicates the owner as sporty, creative, and is enthusiastic about new ideas. 

They are the type of leader that can encourage and motivate those people around them. However, the owner of this foot can be very impulsive, which can lead to excessive stress.