This Things are Poisoning Us Every Single Day And We Aren't Even Aware About This! You Should Read This!

Clothes are one of our basic necessity in everyday living that's why we want them to always look clean, soft, and smell good. People uses fabric softener to make their clothes soft and smell really good.

Putting fabric softener in your clothes are comfortable to wear because of the freshness, and sweet feelings. The problem is people are not aware of the chemicals which can be found in most fabric softener that can really give a high risk of health complications,  maybe you can't see or you can't feel the negative effects but surely sooner or later worse thing may happen to your body. Why?

Based on some studies about some fabric softener products shown that almost 80 percent of them are using unknown chemicals and toxins, which can enter your body through the skin and by inhalation that can lead to various health complications and problems, especially with infants and children which have low immune system level due to it is still developing.

Fabric softeners are made up of harmful chemicals blended with a massive dose of fragrance. Chemicals found in these products are difficult to remove because it is intended to adhere to the fabric so the scent will stay long. This method is what they called "fragrance substantivity" which describes how long a fragrance lasts on a particular surface and how it is affected by humidity, temperature, and other conditions.

Here are the most common toxic chemicals that can  be found in all fabric softeners:

Benzyl Acetate 

This is a toxic compound which has been found in most fabric softener and has been linked to pancreatic cancer and other fatal diseases.

Benzyl Alcohol

This is a dangerous compound that can create multiple health issues such as, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, nervous system disorder and instant drop in blood pressure.


According to the experts that chloroform is a strong carcinogenic neurotoxin that can lead to many health issues such as, loss of consciousness, vomiting, nausea, headache, dizziness, and drowsiness.


Linalool is known as a narcotic that can destroy the respiratory system, and may lead to loss of muscle coordination.


A toxic chemical found in most fabric softeners which can develop numerous health issues same with health issues bring with the other dangerous chemicals mentioned above.

This is the reason why fabric softener is dangerous with your health, especially with your children's health. So why should we rely on these dangerous products if we can use a natural fabric softener? There are various natural products today in the market that you can use.