This Man Decided to Drink One Gallon of Water Every day for One Month The Result Was Amazing! Read His Story Here.

This man actually drinks one gallon of water every day for thirty days. He is not crazy for doing this kind of thing, actually, he is a journalist who loves to experiment, he decided to drink one gallon of water every day for one month to see what would be the effect on his body. I know it sounds crazy but it's not because the result was amazing.

Actually many experts and scientist say that drinking a high amount of water every day is one of the easiest ways to have a healthy body because water can rehydrate our body converting to more energy, it is also necessary to flush unnecessary object which is not needed in our body and sometimes can cause various health problems.

Here's the story behind he's experiment

1st Day - Let the Experiment Begins

On the first day, he gets one gallon and filled it with water. He had no idea how many glasses are in one gallon. At first, he looks at his one gallon of water and assumes that this is not gonna be easy thinking of the inconvenience it will bring to him.

There will be a big possibility that he will be a regular customer of the comfort room. But he was full of determination to complete the experiment so he decided to bring one gallon of water wherever he will go.

5th Day - Urinating Every 20 Minutes

After four days of continuous drinking one gallon of water, his needs of going to the comfort room has increased, from 30 minutes to 20 minutes interval of time. In the Fifth day of his experiment, he already notices a few good result such as feeling satiated all the time, reduce his appetite and feeling always full.

10th Day - Feeling Better

This man has a habit of drinking a cup of coffee every morning to help him start his day and feeling energize. But when he arrives at the tenth day he already forgot drinking coffee every morning because he already feel energize and fresh and his desire of drinking coffee in the morning was already reduced.

When he started looking in the mirror he noticed that his hair and skin has become shiner, his face has no mark of any unwanted skin problems such as pimples and other skin issues. Although some people staring at him always because of the gallon of water that he always carry anywhere that makes him like a weirdo to the eyes of other, he ignores that and still focuses on what he want to achieve.

15th Day - Feeling Full of Energy

When the 15th day has arrived his habit of drinking coffee in the morning has totally gone, instead of coffee, he drinks water every morning that makes his energy doubled for the day. He also slept much better than before he started the experiment and he also notices that his movement is a bit faster than before.

His body has already in the state of adapting the new lifestyle, so whenever he hadn't consumed water for a while, his desire to drink water has become doubled.

20th Day - Receiving Compliments

In the 20th day of his experiment, he noticed that his urine has changed a lot that makes it crystal clear. Her girlfriend also started to notice some changes in him and told him that he improved a lot.

30th Day - Clean and Free

After 30 days of drinking one gallon of water, he told to himself that this is not an experiment anymore, he said that this newly acquired lifestyle of him will be permanent because of the good effect to his body that makes him a better and healthy person than before. He added that his experiment was a success and hoping that he can also share his achievement with other people.