These Warning Signs Will Send To Your Body One Month Before Stroke Attack!

Stroke is fatal and no one knows when it's gonna happen. The improper blood flow in the brain is the main caused of stroke and it can lead to either disability or even worse and that is death.

There are two major types of stroke that everybody should know. First is the hemorrhagic which is the primary caused of low blood flow in the body and the second one is ischemic, which is the primary caused of blockage in the arteries leading to the brain.

Patients who suffer from stroke attack can still recover but there is a big possibility that the damage can be severe leaving the patient a permanent brain damage that makes some part of the patient's body malfunction and cannot be move anymore.

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries the oxygen and nutrients going to the brain is blocked by a clot of bursts. Stroke can happen any time of the day especially if you have an unhealthy habit which is one of the primary caused of stroke.

There are many risk factor that can increase the risk of the stroke and here are some of them:

  • If you are a diabetic person the risk of stroke will increase.
  • People who are suffering from a high blood pressure can also increase the risk of stroke.
  • Family history is also a big factor in increasing the risk of stroke.
  • Migraines with aura or visual disturbances can also trigger stroke.
  • Smoking can double the risk of stroke.
  • Conditions like heart disease, a blood disorder, and atrial fibrillation can also double the risk of stroke.
  • People who are at the age of 55 are those who are very prone from a stroke.

There are signs and symptoms that we should consider to know if stroke gonna happen, In fact, according to some expert that one month before a stroke happens some of these following signs will appear.
  • Constant Pain
  • Unusual Hallucination
  • Epileptic Attack
  • Weakness or Lightheadedness
  • Frequent Difficulty in Breathing
  • Unconsciousness
  • Frequent Sickness
  • Hiccups
  • Personality Changes
So if ever you notice that at least 2 to 3 symptoms are attacking you, consult your doctor immediately and ask for examination and professional advice. Always remember that stroke is fatal and we will not know when will be the attack, so it's better to stay alert, knows the symptoms, and make your move on how to prevent it as early as possible. Always listen on what your body tries to tell you so that you can control all the things that might happen to you.

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