The Shape of your Butt Has Something to Say About Your Health! Find Your's Here!

There are many parts of our body that can tell something about our health and people are getting too interested especially when the article is about health and personality, so today we will provide you an interesting article about what does the shape of your butt tells about your health.

According to many experts that a person's butt has a lot to say about the health of a person and it is commonly believed that fat storages anywhere are terrifying for the body, but this may not be totally true.

Fat storage are dangerous in some part in the body especially near in the chest and trunk, but fat storage in the butt or the hips can provide you protection from dangerous health complications such as, fat in the hips can keep fatty acid away from the arteries, heart, and liver that help you lower the risk of heart disease and other dangerous health issues like diabetes.

We cannot control all the things and activities inside our body because it is ultimately program to decide on its own whether to store fat in the stomach or in the butt but in women's cases the hormones that distribute fat that building up in the buttocks are actually to protect the heart from any harmful activities that might affect them anytime.

Some researchers also reveal that people who have a slightly bigger backside are more intelligent, why?

According to a test result that has been established by a group of researchers that women with a bigger backside are tended to have less in cholesterol and are have the ability to produce more hormones to metabolize sugar. Big butt requires a lot of  Omega-3 fats, which have been proven to catalyze brain development.

It only means that people who have bigger butt have the enough omega-3s to promote a healthier and more active brain development.

Here are some of the shape of the butt and its explanation about the health of its owner.


Your butt with a square-shaped are could be related to many things. Some explanations about this shape of the butt are the owner has a bit fat around the love handles, the other one is the owner perform a daily routine exercise but does not have the strong glutes.

Some effective core exercises for the glute are just a method to reduce excess fat around the waist but can make the glute muscle strong.


This shape of boot means that the owner is healthy and there are some fat storages near the top upper part of the glutes, but some extra fat from the bottom can easily remove if needed.


This butt shape is most probably the most charming shape among other, this shape is the fullest at the bottom tapers out at the near waist, but it could also mean that some extra fat is stored in the upper thighs. It is also associated with those women age who has the ability to lose fat faster, with time, some fats will move to the mid-section. But it is advisable that get rid of the fat now for future health purposes.


This butt shape is common with older women, which the fat from the bottom has begun to move into other areas of the body with age and lack of estrogen in the body. If you are one of the people who have this kind of but, it is highly advisable that you start to remove fat quickly to protect your heart from northward moving fast.

Improving butt shape are not that easy but it is possible to improve them with the same workouts. Just exercise those glutes.

You can watch the video below for more effective workouts, to develop your butt shape into a healthier butt.

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