Just simply Rub a Specific Finger for 60 Seconds and You Will Be Shocked By the Result - "Shin Jin Jutsu" A Healing Method in Japan!

Maintaining a healthy body sounds easy, but one of the hardest thing to achieve in life since there are too many temptations that can easily ruin your healthy body in just one bite. A simple health problem that can lead to pain can make you panic anytime, that's why many people always bring medicine in their pocket in case some sort of health issues attack them.

But did you know that rubbing your fingers is one of the simplest and easy ways to solve some health problems and issues? Yes, you read it right!. This is based on a Japanese traditional meditation method that has already ben using for almost decades to treat some ailments and relieve some pains.

Experts reveal that this Japanese unusual medicine method was based on the belief that each finger is connected to two important organs of the body. This healing method is what they call "Jin Shin Jutsu" a simple healing method that can balance your emotions by stimulating some specific points in your hand.

This method can easily affect some specific organs in the body by strongly holding or rubbing a finger on one hand for at least 3 to 5 minutes while breathing deeply to release pain and stress in the body. 

Here are the explanations why this healing method has a connection between the fingers and specific organs, physical symptoms, and emotions.


Our thumbs have the chubbiest appearance of all our five fingers. Based on a study that the thumb is associated with the stomach and spleen work including stomach ache, skin problems, headaches, nervousness, depression, and anxiety.

Index Finger

This finger is the most common finger that every people use to point a certain things or place. Expert says that the index finger is associated with the kidney and urinary bladder. It is also linked to the digestion problem such as a toothache, muscle pain, back pain, confusion, discontent and even fear.

Middle Finger

This finger is the tallest among other fingers in our hand but commonly used as an offensive finger to provoke other people. But it's more than that because this finger is associated with the liver and yolky bitter. Applying the healing method in this finger can relieve a migraine, tiredness, headaches, circulation problems, menstrual cramps, weakness, and irritability.

Ring Finger

This finger is known to be the richest among other fingers in our hands because it is usually where the ring place. Aside from that, it is linked to our large intestine, and lungs. Applying the healing method in the ring finger can solve your digestion problem, respiratory problems, skin condition, asthma. It is also known to solve certain emotional problems such as sadness and fear.

Pinkie Finger

This is the smallest finger among the other, but even though it is the smallest among the other four, it has an important connection with our heart and small intestine. Applying the Jin Shin Jutsu method in this finger can soothe the following health problems such as a sore throat, heart disease, bone issues, nervousness, anxiety, as well as improving the lack of confidence.