Itching and Bleeding Hemorrhoids? Try Doing These Natural Remedies to Help you Treat Your Hemorrhoids Fast and Easy!

The hemorrhoid is a medical problem which is located around the anus in the lower rectum which consists of enlarging and inflamed vessels. Having hemorrhoid can cause the painful feeling that leads to uncomfortable day.

Developing hemorrhoids in the anus have gotten really common due to a number of reasons.

Firstly, life today has gotten too fast which lead a very sedentary life, we often consume foods which are a lack of fibers and nutrients, and our daily obligations and responsibility don't allow us to spend more time in exercising, which is the primary caused of chronic constipation and eventually hemorrhoids.

There are times that people ignore the symptoms of hemorrhoid such as bleeding, tingling, and itching which lead to discomfort and pain around the anal part area. People should be aware of the health complications of hemorrhoids if left untreated, sometimes it can lead to a more bigger problem if you don't be aware of this condition.

If you already notice the common symptoms of hemorrhoid, consult your doctor immediately, but if you are a little bit conservative of your private part we can give you some of the effective home remedies that you can perform in your home.

Using these following remedies can help you ease the pain, therefore treat your hemorrhoids quickly and easily without visiting your doctor.


Garlic is an effective remedy to help you ease the pain and at the same time treat your hemorrhoids, all you need to do is to grind a few garlic cloves and add some coconut milk or olive oil with it, then put the mixture in the freezer and let it stay there until frozen.

If the mixture has already frozen, start applying the frozen mixture on the affected part. It will give you an uncomfortable feeling but it will easily help you ease the pain, therefore treat your hemorrhoids.

Reverse often your underwear

Make sure that you wear a clean underwear made of 100 percent cotton. Reverse your underwear a few times a day and make sure you bring an extra one wherever you go so anytime that your hemorrhoids start bleeding you can easily change it with a clean one to avoid any infections.

Cold Baths

Cold baths can help you get rid of pain and itchiness causing by hemorrhoids. So if you have chronic itchiness with pain, just filled your tub with cold water and add some sea salt, then soak for 15 to 20 minutes. You can also apply cold compress directly to the affected area to help you alleviate the pain and itchiness as well as reduce the swelling.

Extra Tips on how to prevent and get rid of hemorrhoids.
  • Consume plenty of water every day
  • Exercise daily
  • Eat foods which contain a high amount of fiber and nutrients.