Here's Why You Should Not Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby On The Lips!

Taking good care of your newborn baby is one of the things that you should prioritize because we all know that their immune system against viruses and infections are not yet fully developed. Parents should know that infants need a constant attention and care in order to protect them against any harmful disease and to avoid any health disorder.

Newborn babies are just like angels who fall from heaven, that's why some people are always feeling excited to carry them, touch them, and hug them all the time. The problem is too much contact with newborn babies by many people can bring them to a greater risk of having an infection and disease that can totally harm them anytime.

Infections and bacteria are everywhere spreading all over the places, so parents should need to be extra attentive and careful on the things that they use for the baby, and places their going together with their baby.  Environments have a big effect on the health of your baby so you should consider the cleanliness of your home.

When you are taking care of your baby, you should also consider and need to look out for people who have, coughs, sinus problem and sneeze because all of these can affect your baby's health.

It's the same with you, if you feel sick, you should limit your contact with your baby and never give a breastfeed to avoid any infection.

Here's a true story from mum UK which is related to a baby who got herpes. According to the story that Claire Henderson has a newborn baby named brook, she intentionally often kisses her baby until she notices that the baby is already developing some unusual changes in the skin in the face that leads to herpes and spread on the baby's cheek and chin.

They rush the baby to the hospital and force them to spend 5 days so that the doctors can monitor the condition of the infant. Luckily the baby healed well.

Herpes virus can be fatal especially for infants below 3 months old. There is also a story about a baby from Queensland who got suffer from herpes but unfortunately could not survive the virus since she was just several days old only.

Babies have weak immune system and need to develop for six weeks upon birth so for all the mom out there beware of the risk that might happen to your baby if you continuously kiss them. Stop kissing your baby in the face so your baby can avoid the risk of getting herpes.