Here are the Reason's Why You Should Not Boil Your Drinking Water Again and Again. It Can Harm Your Health.

Based on our experience, we all know in ourselves that when we are boiling the water in a kettle, sometimes, there are some instances that we forget to remove the boiled water from the kettle and to pour it into the water container of hot liquids. Then suddenly, later on, the hot water gets warm and you'll up to heating the same water again. You should be aware that repeating the same process of boiling the same water over and over again will cause harm to your health.

The purpose of boiling the water is for it to change the composition of the water that delivers a good result as the volatile compounds evaporate and the gaseous particles will be dissolved. That is why it's not practical to consume or drink the repeatedly boiled water. Think about this, do you think that boiling the water over and over again will make it sterilized. The answer to that is a big no since its effects are adverse in motion.

If we would put closer to the fact of observing what would be the possibilities and result when the water boils. In the beginning, you will notice bubbles and steam caused by boiling, but there is something happening to its content of chemical level. You can use the boiled water with the tea, the tea brewed with fresh water has a different taste from the water that is boiled twice or thrice.

You should know that the minerals found in the water don't evaporate and if you are going to boil water again and again until it evaporates, it will crust the minerals which will stay. Afterward, it is not just about drinking water, and the minerals that supposed to be good for you, like calcium, for example, might just create different problems that may cause damage to your system.

On the other hand, it is true that boiling water is the most efficient way to terminate the bacteria. But when you boil the water many times, harmful gasses and poisonous substances like nitrates, arsenic, and fluoride can form as a result of the changed chemical structure. There are also studies found that the connection between these substances and fluoride has harmful effects on the brain and nervous system.

It is always better to use it for watering the plants instead of using it for drinking some tea and coffee. It is dangerous like you never assumed before, believe me. Thank you for reading!