Here are the Habits that Every Women Should Do and Should Not Do During Their Menstrual Period!

The red days are girls number one enemy because of the uncomfortable feelings and a dozen of things that happens to all the girls like hot flashes and intense, unnecessary cravings as well as a thousand of other irritating things that make most of the women more often out of the mood.

So how do you make your red days comfortable away from irritable mood?
  • Some people says drinking tea can calm you and at the same time releases your stress.
  • Avoid physical activities that can bring stress and irritable feelings.
  • Apply hot compress in the areas with the intense pain.
  • When the cramps are out of control, try rubbing a certain part in your fingers to release pain.
  • Take medicine which is prescribed by your doctor.
  • Perform a light regular exercise.
  • Take a warm bath before bedtime.
But did you know that there are things that you should avoid so that your period won't bother you and keep you away from a hassle period that can strike any time of the day?

Pay attention to these following things that you should avoid when you have red days, to keep your mood on a high level.

1. Avoid doing a rigorous exercise during red days to avoid harm and strain in your body.

2. During your period, you are losing double of your regular energy consumption, so, therefore, it is highly advised that you should not skip a single meal of the day to keep your energy at a normal level.

3. When a woman have period some of them are craving during midnight and some of them intend to eat even though it's already past time, this habit is not good for your body since you can't digest all the greasy foods that get in your stomach.

4. Red days can give girls hard time to sleep, but even though you are experiencing this kind of difficulty in sleeping it is still advisable that you have complete hours of rest to maintain your energy at a normal level in the next day to avoid irritable feelings and stress.

5. Did you know that milk can worsen your menstrual cramps? that's why many experts advised avoiding any kind of milk because it contains elements called arachidonic acid that can improve the pain of menstrual cramps.

6. It is advisable that you change your pad every 3 to 5 hours because wearing the same pad for the whole day can cause you vaginal infections that can produce bad odors.

7. Avoid unprotected sexual intercourse during the period because it can give you a high chance of having infections.

8. Avoid watching any distressing movies and listening to a sad song that can lower your mood because it can affect your psychological health.

It is important that you maintain your mood during your period, so pay attention to the things that can boost your mood and avoid things that can ruin your mood because it can get your menstrual crams more painful. If you found this article helpful with your friends and loved ones, don't hesitate to share it with them so they can also benefit all the helpful information written in this article.