Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer For Women That They Usually Ignored! Must Read!

Lung cancer is getting widely prone to various people in the world, and it is becoming the most common type of cancer. There are several known personalities who had this kind of disease which eventually sends them to death. This type of cancer has no approved and claims of any cure yet, stopping the cancer cells to expand in the body would be tough to someone to treat it instantly. It is imperative to know those symptoms as soon as it started to become visible.

However, there is a specific term called on lung cancer which is adenocarcinoma, for women. These are the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer for female:

1. You will experience back and shoulder pain.
2. Eventually, you will easily get exhausted.
3. Shortness of breath when having a physical activity.

When the cancer cells begin to spread, this will be the following symptoms:

1. Hoarse voice and blockage in the throat
2. Coughing and then some blood will appear
3. Bad condition of sound when breathing
4. Consistent coughing
5. Chest pain and shoulder pain
6. Coughing with mucus and phlegm accompanied by blood.

This type of cancer is a silent killer in the body parts such as the brain, lymph nodes, bones, liver and adrenal glands. These are the following symptoms:

1. Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss
2. Blood clots
3. Bone fractures that are not caused by injury
4. Headaches
5. Joint or bone pain
6. Memory Loss
7. Swelling of Neck and face

Always pay attention to what your body says to you or if you notice that two to three symptoms that have been mentioned above are already hitting your body, consult your doctor immediately to prevent the cancer cells from spreading into your body and give you more options to treat cancer leading to a higher chance of survivability.