Does your Ear Itch Inside Often? Here's What it Means and How to Deal With It Naturally!

Scratching an itchy part in your body which you can't reach is an annoying thing. There are many parts of our body that we can't reach, even how much we try we always ended up asking help to others.

One of the common parts that people can't reach to scratch when it's itching is inside the ears, even though there are tools to help us scratch the itchy part such as cotton buds, these tools is unsafe because we risk puncturing our eardrum or can cause other damages that can affect our hearing.

If you are frequent having a chronic ear itchiness here's a simple explanation about it and how to stop it easy and naturally without the risk of damaging your ear's hearing functionalities.

What causes itchy ears?

There was an old saying that itchy ears caused by someone who's talking bad about you. Definitely, this is not true because the real reason why your ear is itching is because of your ear might already full of neurological fibers, so if your fibers are particularly sensitive, you are more likely to experience chronic itchiness than the average person.

There are also many common causes of ear itchiness such as ear canal dermatitis or (allergic reaction), dry skin inside you ears, psoriasis or use of hearing aid. Other causes of ear itchiness are too much water inside your ear because of an intense swimming session, but other cases of ear itchiness are no particular effect or nothing to worry about which can be easily treated but if you notice that your ear is bleeding or you are frequent losing hearing because of the itchiness, consult your doctor immediately.

Inserting object inside your ears is not a good idea, instead of that try these following natural remedy in treating your itchy ear fast and easily.

Alcohol and Vinegar Mix

Mix rubbing alcohol and vinegar, then put a little amount of this mixture into a dropper or spoon and drop it into your ear carefully. Try tilting your head sideways so that the solution will go spread into your ears. Let it stay for a few seconds, then tilt your head to the opposite side to release the mixture into your ear.

This method can help you dry your ear and fight against bacteria and infections.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Mix one part of water into one part of hydrogen peroxide. Use a dropper or spoon to drip a drop into your ear. This method can help you remove the excess wax from your ear.

Warm Oil

Choose one in your favorite natural oil (coconut, garlic, olive, tea tree) and warm it to a comfortable temperature and use a dropper to drip a drop into your ear.

Aloe Vera

Drip a drop of aloe vera gel into your ear to restore the pH levels and provide you anti-inflammation benefits.

If you ear itchiness persist consult your doctor and ask for some examination and professional advice. If you like this article don't hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones.