BEWARE! This is a Newly Found Disease Which Can Be Transmitted Through Dogs! Must Read!

The dog is human's best friend, and many people around the world make their dog not just their pet but also a part of their family. However, people who let their dog lick their face are in extremely danger.

People who really love their pet should extremely be careful because of the reason that dog is the main carrier of a deadly disease called Leishmaniasis, a common disease which can be transmitted through the saliva of the dogs. Leishmaniases are a common disease in Syria and in the Middle East and one of the primarily caused of deaths of hundreds of people in Syria.

According to some experts that this disease can also be transmitted from flies and ticks. This disease can cause bleeding from the nose, open wounds, difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

Here are the three forms of Leishmanias check it here.

Cutaneous leishmanias

A common type of Leishmanias which causes an open wound at the bite sites. This common form of leishmanias disease can be treated for a few months to a year. When it is fully healed there is a big chance that it will leave unpleasant scars that can be hard to remove.

Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis

The mucocutaneous forms manifest with ulcers of the nose, mouth, and skin. It can damage your body parts especially the skin leaving you with very unpleasant scars.

 Visceral leishmaniasis

This form of leishmaniasis is the most severe that can be fatal to human's body if untreated well. Consequences to the patients will be hard which can occur a few months or even a year after infection, include fever, damage to spleen and liver, and anemia. 

This disease is a long-term treatment and it is not transmitted from human to human. But it can only theoretically through blood transfusion.

Here are some of the Prevention
  • Avoid stray dogs.
  • Prevent leishmaniasis by using nets treated with insecticide before sleeping.
  • Spray homes with insecticide
  • Avoid areas where the vector is likely to be found.
  • Insecticide-treated bednets
  • Insecticide-treated curtains