Beware of this kind of Jellyfish! - A Little Boy Has Been Poisoned by this type of Jellyfish! Must Read!

Summer is already here and many people are planning their summer getaway together with their friends and loved ones. The heat makes many people uneasy that's why many beach resort today are overcrowded. It can be more relaxing if you go on a beach where there are few people so you can relax and relieve your stress at the same time.

The only concern is before you put yourself in the water you should check if there is a jellyfish around the area to avoid any inconvenience. The month of April and June are what they call "jellyfish season" that's why many experts advise that people should be vigilant when they are in the water because jellyfish might harm you.

"Let's be careful and conscious. The marine organisms are alive and defensive, and they have a defense mechanism to protect themselves to any creature that will go near to them." according to Gerry Reyes a marine biologist experts.

They added that jellyfish can shoot their barbs or scientifically called nematocyst, a coil that look likes an arrow.

According to some experts, that jellyfish can be found in the deep and calm area of the sea, but sometimes you can also found in the shallow area near the sea shore because of the tides wave.

A recent incident in the province of Tagkawayan, Quezon Philippines has been reported. According to the report that a 9-years old boy who is the son of Marivic Bello has been a victim of jellyfish. Base on the story of her mother that their family has decided to go on a beach outing in a small resort, when they arrive at the resort area his child CJ who is the victim ask her if he can swim already together with his cousin Virgilio then she said yes.

While in the middle of their enjoyment Marivic sees his nephew Virgilio running towards her and notice that there were some jellyfish in some part of Virgilo's body. Then later on Cj already run towards to her and crying and telling her " Mama, mama, masakit". At first Marvic Bello think that his son is joking around but when he sees the jellyfish attached in his son's body she aske for help and rush the two children in the nearest hospital.

Base on the investigation result, that the jellyfish who attack the two children is the CUATRO CANTOS or box jellyfish. According to some experts that this is a deadly type of jellyfish that can kill humans. This type of jellyfish contains poison which comes in the sting of them that can lead to heart paraylisis and nervous system breakdown.

Based on the records of the United States National Science Foundation (NSF), that almost 20 to 40 are died because of the sting of this jellyfish.