Avoid this Slug at All Cost if you Ever See One Inside Your Home! It Can Harm You! [Watch the Video Inside]

Animal species are everywhere and if they started to invade lands which are foreign to them, it will create a great deal of panic especially with the residences around the area where the animal species arrive. Many people are scared of worms due to its scary and gross appearance. Some of them are not harmful to humans, but a few of them can bring danger to anyone.

This is New Guinea Flatworm and it can be new to your eyes. This is a new menace that can make way into your areas where they are not wanted. The dark colored upper body is juxtaposed with an orange stripe down the center of their backs. They subsist on slugs and nail and have no natural predators due to its foul taste.

This creature has first been found in Miami, Florida. The local agriculture and wildlife have launched an official investigation about this the habits of this creature and they found out that every bit of information they have about this species are as ugly as you may be expected.

According to them that this worm can eat rats and mice and it makes them as their prey. When they consume on this animals, they pass on lungworm infections. Therefore the infections can be transmitted to humans who are also exposed to air particles that have been contaminated by the rodent droppings. 

According to the experts that this worm can bring danger to human by merely vomiting, as the vomits discharges a toxin that can surely damage human skin. Base on the statement of Florida Wildlife that these worms made their way into the United States with the help of international shipment goods, they hitch into the cargo and have their free ride, then on their way they will produce as many as they can, and then their volume will be double when they arrive at shipments destination.

If you are interested in learning more about what it can do and how much damage it can bring to human, you can check the clip below and take a closer look. Don't forget to share this article with your friends and loved ones especially if you have friends living in Florida, USA.  

video source: youtube.com