Warning! You Must Avoid Sleeping with your Phone Next to your Bed. Here's The Reason Why!

As you can see the world is rapidly developing because of the new technologies today, one of the important inventions of human's today is the cell phone which becomes a necessity in life for many people around the world. Cellular phones have many uses for our everyday living, in fact, our life is not complete without the cell phones inside our pocket and I bet you will agree.

Cell phones give us the chances to explore things around the world, to meet new people, communicate with our loved ones abroad, pay bills online, go banking without hassle, shop online, sell things online, book plane and ship ticket online and a few people are using this handy gadget to find their true love online, am i correct? well, keep searching maybe today is your day.

Truly, this device is very important to our daily needs, sometimes when we left it at home, we feel uneasy at work or at school, always thinking if someone has sent you an important message that needs to attend. 

Phones truly have many advantages for our daily needs, but did you know that this device has also disadvantage especially to our health. Some people are already addicted to their cell phones, their spending almost all of their free time just to surf the internet, watch online streaming, etc. not knowing that there is a big risk of too much use of cell phone.

One of the bad habits of many people is leaving the cell phone on bedside table which is the primary caused of increase in anxiety levels, another habit is when we wake up in the middle of the night just to check some stuff on your cell phone such as notifications, emails, messages, which caused to change in behavior and habits that eventually leads to stress, insomnia, poor concentration, lack of productivity, cognitive problems, irritability, headaches, nightmares, etc.

Leaving your mobile device besides you while sleeping has a big impact on your lifestyle that can causes health complications if you persist in continuing this bad habit, also cellular phones has a strong radiation which is really bad for your body and can develop many health problems in the near future.

Always remember that even though cell phone has many convenient things to offer for our daily needs, we still have to consider the limitation of this to avoid any risk of unproductivity habits leading to health problems.

What we need to do best is to examine the phone we are using and follow these tips:
  • Keep your phone calls to a minimum.
  • Always put your phone in airplane mode if not in use.
  • Don't place your phone beside you when sleeping.
  • Participate in any healthy activity such as fun run, basketball, football, etc. to decrease the usage of your mobile phone.
  • Keep your cell phones away if you are planning to sleep.