Are you Holding your Fart? Here are Some Reasons Why you Should Never Hold Fart Again!

It sounds funny when you hear the word "fart" or sometimes you feel ashamed when you passed the wind in front of other people and it also feels uncomfortable. You should never be embarrassed about it, in fact, it is healthy it means that the bacteria present in your intestines is balanced and your digestive system functions well.

Your Fart is composed of:
  • 1% Hydrogen sulfide(where the smell originates) 
  • 4% Oxygen 
  • 7% Methane 
  • 9% Carbon Dioxide 
  • 21% Hydrogen 
  • 9% Nitrogen
When your body is at rest or when you are sleeping your body passes out averagely 5-10 time every day. Most of the time pomposity is caused by eating too many foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as dairy products, sweet potatoes, rice, bread, beans, soy, and nuts.

To lessen farting you must intake only refined sugars but this is not healthy and natural. Opposing to the common myth that women passed the wind much than men and they have more odorous and intense fart compared to them who ate as many women consume.

Regardless of that scenario, you must not hold your fart, here the reasons:

1. It is your pleasure: 

Yes, it is your pleasure when you passed the wind because it feels uncomfortable when you hold it and let it out if you have the correct time.

2. It is healthy for colon:

Grasping your fart can give you an inflammation or any damage to your colon just let it be every time you feel that you need to pass the wind.

3. Bloat Reduction: 

At some point of your life, you feel that your pants are too fit maybe you just want to pass the wind. It can reduce bloatedness because the gas that builds in your intestine will be out.

4. It can forecast food allergies: 

If you are thinking that maybe you have an allergy in some type of food your fart can help you to determine that. If you pass more gas than the usual after intaking that food maybe it is time for you to visit your physician.

5. It can help you to balance your diet:

Yes, you heard it right farting can help you to do a well-balanced diet. Your body reacts differently to the food that you intake depending on the composition of it. If you will many meat and carbohydrates the more wind will pass through.

6. To smell your Fart is healthy:

Just be honest, you love the smell of your fart. Your fart contains hydrogen sulfide that can protect your cells from stroke, heart diseases, and arthritis.

7. Eliminate stomach pain:

If you are having a hard time during stomach pain, massage your stomach gently and in a short while the gas will pass through and you will feel relief.