A 10 Year-Old-Boy Died After Accidentally Drink A Water From The Pool (Dry Drowning) ~ Every Parents Should Know This!

Unexpected ending of a life story of this 10-year-old boy eventually happened in a definite area of South Carolina. This information rendered to the parents for them to become aware of unforeseen tragic cases may happen to their children if they continue letting their kids swim in the pool without noticing that their children happen to drink water in the swimming area, unexpected death cases of this topic are also known as "dry drowning." This condition is deadly as it comes with an unknown feeling of discomfort. This is why you parents should know this important health awareness.

The mother of the child didn't even bother to wonder about his child as it seems it did not show up any signs that the child was annotated by water in his lungs because he was still able to talk and walk like normal ones. The name of the kid was Johnny and his mother’s name is Jackson. Jackson took her son to a pool near their home in Goose Creek, South Carolina. While swimming, Johnny got water in his lungs, but he did not show any signs of respiratory distress at first. Everything seemed just fine so he, his mother and his sister walked home from the pool. Jackson gave her son a bath, and he went to sleep because he was feeling tired.

While all in the house are in a deep rest, the mother of the child has her instinct that something unusual behavior in her child happened the day they went swimming. So she checks the kid in his room, and then, she witnesses something very odd from the kid as if it wasn't breathing and unable to wake up. She immediately took him to the hospital but, unfortunately, it was too late. The little boy drowned after a long swimming activity.

The symptoms of dry drowning is a difficult one to notice as if to some random circumstances that the symptoms may appear, they will overlook the signs as a common one not even realizing the child is under the threat of death. The symptoms of Dry drowning are usually DIFFICULT IN BREATHING, EXTREME EXHAUSTION, AND UNUSUAL BEHAVIOR.

These signs are caused by diminished oxygen supply to the brain. Experts don’t know much about this exceptional phenomenon however it is certain that even small amounts of water in the lungs can cause delayed reaction. The delayed reaction is why it is very important to learn the symptoms to react on time. Going to the emergency room as soon as you notice the symptoms can save a life. A patient who has experienced dry drowning gets a breathing tube inserted in his esophagus to get more oxygen into the lungs.