5 Effective Tips on How to Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy!

Pregnancy must be planned of both couples in that way they will not be surprised if that will happen. The unplanned pregnancy can cause a disadvantage to a couple especially to the mother and to the child's lives. If you are in a relationship you must be mindful that the reality of raising a baby is not a big joke and it is a serious matter.

Because of this, it is a must that people should be informed with broad facts on how they can use contraceptives in a responsible way. Is condom is the only key to avoiding unwanted pregnancy?
Of course, the answer is big NO.
Some friendly tips on how you can avoid pregnancy without the practice of lubricant:

1. The birth Control pills can regulate the menstrual cycle of a woman and it can prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is one of the safest and accurate contraceptives that a couple can utilize if they are not ready for having a baby and responsibility. But you must not miss any pill because there is a possibility that you may get pregnant.

2. In between of the 8th and 20th day of women menstrual cycle or what they call the calendar cycle is the perfect time to make love. This can be only effective or safe to women who have a regular monthly cycle.

3. The withdrawal. Pull his manhood out of your vagina before he ejaculates. It can be done only by the experts.
4. Sterilization is a perpetual procedure to avoid unwanted pregnancy. This is only advisable to a matured couples that they do not what to have a baby anymore or to those couples that they didn't want to have their own baby or biologically but rather to adopt a baby.

5. The inserted copper T it is a device that can be put into the vagina and removed it whenever they are ready to have their baby or they are ready to be called as parents. It can be implanted and removed only by a trained physician at whatever time they want to be parents.

Source: wittyfeed.com