13 Signs That Your Body Contains Too Much Sugar That Can Lead to Diabetes!

There are types of diabetes that are common to modern age which is the type 2 diabetes. It can be observed affiliated with some symptoms, which can be easy for you to find out. The ratio shows that one of three didn't know about it. You must not take for granted this, diabetes is an illness that can lead to neurological and cardiovascular damage and it is important to check this as early as you can.

You can be out of this situation if you have a correct diet, daily physical activity and the possible correct dosage of medication, diabetes can be reserved under control and the person can continue his life. Here are some of the early warning signs if you have diabetes so you can prevent harming yourself.

These are the symptoms progress as an outcome of this:

1. Vision Problems: containing high blood sugar in your body can affect your eyes. It can change the shape of your eyes as well as the lens and as an outcome, your vision turns out to be blurry.

2. Headaches: A headache can ripen because of a high blood sugar containing in your body and it can be considered as an early sign of hyperglycemia commonly high blood glucose. This indication becomes worse as situation worse.

3. Numerous urination: If you are experiencing to urinate more often, and you need to wake up throughout the night just to vacant your bladder, this can be an advice sign.

4. Excessive thirst: This sign is connected to the previous one. As your body lose more fluids the body will attempt to replace it, that's why your body is longing for a drink.

5. Fatigue: Extreme exhaustion can ripen when your body continuously compensates for the absence of glucose in your cells.

6. Greater hunger: Because of having an excessively high and lows in blood sugar levels, the body is craving or a sudden desire to eat. The cells don't get sufficient glucose, so you are longing for it.

7. Dry Mouth: You experience an absence of wetness in the mouth, which can be both unkind and risky.

8. Inexplicable weight loss or weight gain: As the insulin present in your body cannot get enough glucose into the cells, your body responds as if it would be famished and your body starts to use protein.

9. Sexual dysfunction: This illness can also destroy blood vessels and nerves in your sex organs, which can lead to some sexual disorders.

10. Infections: This is the most common sign of diabetes having a blood vessel damage that's why your cuts and bruises do not heal.

11. Yeast infections: The bacteria and fungi prosper in a high sugar level the infection are more common and observed.

12. Unresponsiveness and itchy feet and hands: This sign is an outcome of your nerve damage and it is supplemented with extreme pain and swelling.

13. Skin changes: The tone your skin changes from light to silky dark skin or commonly known as acanthosis nigricans that can be seen in the neck and underarm.

image source: wikihow.com