With The Help of This Leaf You Can Say Goodbye to Join Pains, Lack of Memory, Headaches and Varicose Veins!


A very well-known spice known as Laurel is a special ingredient mixed and used to different delicious dishes, and most especially, this is essential for job employees like cooks and chefs. Though this spice ingredient is famous because of its name, if you will take a look at its other side of the composition, this Laurel leaves given as a powerful and useful for human's health.

This spice which turned to oil medicinal remedy has an excellent and potent beneficial component for our body.

Beneficial effects of Laurel Leaves to our Body:

1. It enhances the nervous system.
2. Boost the immune system.
3. Improves cleansing of colon
4. Increases and stimulates the process of sweating.
5. It is used for joint pains and treats varicose veins.
6. Develop and widen mental activeness.

Benefits of Laurel Oil:

1. Steam the oil for a more natural method of Heating and having the next move by rubbing the oil into sick joints.
2. It comprises with healing enhancement for ear conditions and headache or a migraine.
3. If you are experiencing too much pain due to headaches, just simply massage the temples of your head, and it will instantly relieve the pain.
4. It is possible to substitute medicine into Laurel oil because it can reduce the increase of body temperature.
5. It improves the appetite and makes your eating habits more lively.
6. It soothes the pain in your stomach.
7. It normalizes renal and hepatic function.
8. This oil can also be used as a lotion to resolve skin problems on the face.
9. It is very effective remedy lotion for pimples, acne and other skin problems.


35 grams of bay or Laurel leaves.
260 ml of olive oil.

Methods and Preparation:
If the Laurel Leaves are ready, put the olive oil all over it then proceed by putting the mixture into a glass bottle. Next is, you have to close the bottle very tight and let it stand still in a cold place for 15 days. After storing it for days, shake it thoroughly and after two weeks strain the oil through cheesecloth and transfer the liquid to another container.