The Truth Behind The Health Benefits of Drinking Corn Silk Tea! Amazing!

This smooth and shiny fiber part of the corns is what we called silk. Most people ignore the silk and throw it away not knowing that this part of the corn can offer various health benefits for human bodies by making a tea out of it.

Some people told that boiling corn silk in water for a few minutes is all you need to pull out all the healthy benefits from the silk and to produce a healthy beverage with therapeutic properties. A lot of people don't like it because it tastes just a normal hot water but you can add a little of an organic healthy sweetener that can put up the taste that you want such as raw honey, stevia, and maple syrup which is the best partner for every hot beverage that we drink.

Corn silk tea offers wide health benefits including the following.

Helps deals with skin problems

If you have allergies or some sort of skin problems that you want to get rid off immediately, just drink corn silk tea to relieved the itchiness and treat your skin problems. Corn silk is known to have antiseptic properties which are very essential in preventing cuts and scrapes that can end up being infected.

If drinking the tea cannot put out your itchiness, you can apply a few drops of the tea directly to the affected area of your skin with allergies of rashes. With this treatment, it will immediately relieve your desire to scratch the affected part avoiding the infections.

Boost digestive system

Another advantage of drinking corn silk tea is it can actually treat any digestive system problems and at the same time improved your digestion. Corn silk tea has the ability to stimulate the liver to release bile which is necessary for the breakdown of fat in fatty acids.

Reduces Joint Pain

People who are suffering from joint pains are highly advise to drink corn silk tea. Many studies proved that corn silk tea has the ability to strengthen the bones and help reduces the joint pain.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Corn silk is capable of lowering the blood pressure of a person by flushing out excess water in the body or in other words diuretic. Using corn silk tea as an alternative treatment or medication for your high blood pressure is a good choice because it has no side effects.

Helps Relieve UTI, and Dissolves Kidney Stones

Corn silk tea has already been used for almost thousand of years for urinary tract infection treatment and it is proven to be effective. Creating tea from the silk tea has a mild diuretic property which increases the urine production. The diuretic properties of corn silk tea is also a great remedy for kidney stones which it supports the body to dissolve it naturally without any side effects.