The Root From This Grass Is One of The Best Treatment for Dry Cough and You Must Learn How to Do it Now.


A hard dry cough is one of the irritating and uncomfortable feelings, this throat infection can give you a hard time the whole day. A sudden change in weather is commonly caused by a dry cough especially people with a weak immune system that can't stand the sudden change of temperature from hot to cold.

A simple dry cough can hinder you from doing your task for the whole day, it can also stop you from having a conversation with your friends, officemates or schoolmates. 

There are a lot of options to choose when getting rid of a dry cough and one of the first things people do when a dry cough hit their throats is going over-the-counter drugs. Medicine over-the-counter has a lot of promising cure but not all of it can give you a good result. A specific drug can give a different result from different people and not all of the drugs that you can buy in a drugstore is good for you unless it is prescribed by your doctor.

Luckily there are a lot of natural remedies that we can take to get rid of a dry cough and one of the natural cures is from the roots of cogon grass.

Cogon grass is not known by many people but based on a study about this treatment that the roots from this grass can actually soften a hard sticky phlegm that can easily cough it out without experiencing pain in the air passages.

The benefits from this grass are mainly from the roots and have a number of chemicals elements that are very essential to maintain a healthy body and cure various ailments. Some elements found in this grass includes mannitol, glucose, citric acid, arunduin, fernerol, achine, polyphenols, taninin, and alkali. These chemical elements serve to shed urinary (diuretic), lower the heat, stop the bleeding (hemostatic) and relieved thirst.

Watch the videos below on how to prepare cogon grass treatment for dry coughs.

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