Surprising Health Benefits of Kerson Fruit "Aratilis" That Everyone Should Know - Diabetes and High Blood Patients Should Read This!


Kerson fruit or Muntingia calabura (aratilis) has the same appearance like cherry. The tree of this fruit is a fast growing tree and considered by many Master Herbalist as one of the healthiest fruit that is good to add in your diet.

Kerson fruit can be found in many Countries like Asia, Indonesia, Mexico, the Carribean, South America, Japan, Philippines, China, India, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and other places around the world.

Kerson fruits contain many important vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and protein that are essential in promoting a healthy body.

Based on a research by a master herbalist that the Kerson fruit has multiple health benefits including:
  • Preventing Cancer
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Blocking Pain
  • Promoting cardiovascular health
The said health benefits above are what many people knows about the health benefits of this amazing fruits. What they do not know is the ability of this food to treat certain disease and illnesses such as.


Many countries have been using Kerson fruit for almost centuries in treating various disease, and it has been very effective to stop the pain associated with gout. People who have experience gout are consuming  9  to 12 of the cherries three times a day.


Kerson fruit is also known to have less sugar and very essential with those people who are suffering from diabetes. Kerson fruit has the ability to lower the sugar in our blood thus making it great for diabetic patients.

Pain Blocker 

Kerson leaves made into tea are great for pain because they block pain receptors… a good antinociceptive agent similar to opiates.

Lower Blood Pressure

The leaves from the tree of this fruit are very essential for people who have high blood pressure. Making a tea from the leaves of this fruit can instantly lower your blood pressure it's because of the nitric oxides which relax the blood vessels and improving the blood flow in your body.


Kerson fruit is a great source of antioxidant especially the leaves from the tree which contains 24 flavonoid and phenolic compounds like that found in green tea.