Stop Eating Green Potatoes Immediately! Here's The Reason Why!


Most recommended to include today in a dietary plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle are vegetables and fruits, because it is known to be the safest and healthiest food to consume today. The problem is not all the vegetables and fruits are healthy, there are some that can also harm our body and health, and one of the common vegetables that we usually find in our kitchen is the potato.

Scientific Research Says

Potato is known to have many health benefits but based on a study that eating green potatoes will give you a high risk of getting health implications and can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Eating green potato can also cause mild to severe a headache, nauseous, and could suffer from various health problems especially when it consumed by mistake. This is because of the solanine contain by green potatoes, which is a poisonous chemical that could lead to various health complications and conditions.

So what should we do to the Green Potatoes?

Still, we don't have to throw away our green potato, according to a scientist that although we can't consume green potato, we can still get used to them in many possible ways. We can still remove the green part and get rid of the solanine by storing them in a cool place where there is a dim light. Therefore doing this tricks will remove the green part of your potatoes and that only means that solanine in your potatoes has already disappeared.

But if ever you mistakenly eat green potatoes, just calm yourself and don't panic, you will not die in an instant Because it takes at least 16 ounces of potatoes to make a hundred pound woman or man sick. But just to remind you that if you taste your potato to be very bitter, stop eating it anymore as this could lead to health issues especially in your digestive system.

Eating potatoes are healthy, but in this case of green potato, we can't just cook them without removing the chemicals that can damage our health, so it is advisable that even the food that we always take are vegetable or fruits we still have to consider that some of them are dangerous too. So to avoid any sickness, we must be aware of that food that we take today. Remember that prevention is better than cure. Have a nice day!