Signs and Symptoms That You Are Having Myomas (Fibroid) - A Tumor That Develops in the Uterus!

Myoma is commonly known as a fibroid. This is a type of tumor that develops in the uterus or in around the uterus are. Fibroids is also known as leiomyomas and are tumors of the smooth muscle but none of these tumors are cancerous.

Almost 20 percent of childbearing women are affected with Fibroids or myoma and most women who are been diagnosed with this condition are at the age of 30 years above and are overweight or obese or those women who have never given birth.

Some of the Signs of Symptoms That you are suffering from myomas are written below.

BLADDER ISSUES - May come in your way, and this usually grows outside the wall of the uterus which is near the bladder, it can cause pressure which contains to more often of going to the comfort room. If this happens, pay a visit to a doctor for any consultation.

RECTAL PRESSURE is acquired when myomas grow in the part of the back of the uterus, and it presses the rectum and result to a feeling which is very uncomfortable wherein you'll come to the point that you can't take it anymore due to extreme pain.

LOWER BACK PAIN - is received when myomas are most likely to grow on the outer back of the uterus and does pressing against the spinal nerves, and it causes too much pain. These can severely damage your menstrual cycle.

SWELLING OF LOWER ABDOMEN - appears when a large-sized myomas involve in your central stomach which makes a woman look like a pregnant because of enlargement of the cyst caused by myomas. Women are most likely not going to doctors because they are not experiencing pain. They aren't aware of this so it will result in more complicated conditions.

INFERTILITY AND FREQUENT MISCARRIAGES - has partly done a huge impact for those who suffer from myomas in the presence of uterine myomas. By sending you to the hospital and having a test utilizing the ultrasound scan, you can evenly notice the growth of myomas.

PROLONGED AND HEAVY MENSTRUATION - usually appears when uncontrollable bleeding with blood clots have been accessing in your system. This is one of the most common symptoms that you may have been acquiring with myomas. Also, cramps and extremity of pain at the back of the legs is a common symptom.

PAINFUL SEXUAL INTERCOURSE - is experienced when the size and location of the fibroid have become broad. Sexual intercourse is not satisfying anymore but painful and uncomfortable.