Here are the List of the Possible Side-Effects of Taking Birth Control Pills!


1. It can result in blood clot to random part of the body

Regular consumption of contraceptives can double the chance of getting blood clot, but in other cases, pregnancy increases the chances up to ten and up. It is because one small blood clot can grow due to blood cells are bumping into.

2. Bleeding

Birth control pill deteriorates your hormones production, resulting to the endometrial thin lining and susceptible to breaking. However, taking pills can actually result from your body less prone to breakthrough bleeding.

3. Moody attitude

Hormones have a huge contribution to any activities in our body that occurs. It has innate chemicals that our brain produces to make us feel uncomfortable and other things we don't like. These affects our feelings such as making as angry, sad, hungry, and in love.

4. It can decrease the production of milk through mothers

Natural mother's milk is as an essential protein and calcium needed the most by newborn babies. It strengthens the immune system of the child. Taking pills can reduce the production of milk for an unknown reason. For that mother who are not into breastfeeding but producing breast milk, they don't see this as a problem.

5. Damages the uterus lining

Pills have their impact in changing the lining of the uterus. This makes the reproductive system temporarily forget its function.

6. Imbalance of Cervix

The viscosity of the mucus will dictate how fast or how much sperm can swim into the egg. Cervical mucus is what helps the sperm to reach the egg. Pills works as cervical thickening so that when the sperms get exhausted before it arrives to the egg.